IMPORTANT: Webhooks get triggered when sent via most messaging Apps (e.g. Whatsapp) because they are being called in the background to show you a preview. So please copy and paste it directly into Siri/IFTTT to avoid leaking it like so, and as a consequence being triggered at random times. If you did share a webhook as described, please regenerate it and redo your setup.

Setting up Google Assistant connection

The first thing to do is, to install the IFTTT app and create an account. Start creating your own Applet and Add the first condition that will trigger the desired action.

Search between the Services to find in our case Google Assistant Service and select how the voice command will appear - “Say a simple phrase”.

Type in your preferences tap “Continue” to review and proceed with the next step.

Add the second step that will execute the voice command that you set on the first step. Search for Webhooks Service and select it.

Connect to the Webhooks Service and start to “Make a web request”.

Paste the Webhook URL (in the example it is the “Lock Hook”) from the Keymitt App into the respective field and select:

Method - “POST”

Content Type - “applications/x-www-form-urlencoded”

Body - leave it in blank

Tap continue to finish the setup and you are ready to go!

To set up Amazon Alexa voice commands, use the same process by selecting as first service the Amazon Alexa Service in the IFTTT app.

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