How to calibrate your Keymitt Smart Lock to unlock and lock your door correctly.

Selecting the right calibration options will help you program your smart lock to work properly on your door.

Before Calibration

Some small tricks to keep in mind:

  1. Check that your door lock rotates smoothly, without getting stuck when you use your key. (tip: you can grease your lock to ease the key turning, this will affect considerably the battery consumption).

  2. Make sure your door is well fitted in its frame. If you need to pull/push your door while turning your key to ease the pressure on the bolt/latch then the door is likely misaligned. Badly aligned doors could shorten the battery life or even prevent Keymitt Smart Lock from operating.


  • Make sure the smart lock is correctly added and online. (see Keymitt Smart Lock LED meaning)

  • Turn ON the Position and Bluetooth to calibrate the smart lock.

  • Check if your smart lock has the latest firmware version installed.

Keymitt Smart Lock calibration on Euro cylinder door locks with a movable handle on outside video guide:

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