Keymitt Wi-Fi Hub is a bridge between the Keymitt devices and the Cloud. It ensures that the Keymitt devices are permanently connected to Keymitt Cloud, thus making them ready for remote control and integrations with third-party devices and services.


Component. Keymitt Wi-Fi Hub, Antenna, Micro USB cable.

Power. Keymitt Wi-Fi Hub does not have a power on/off button. You need to connect to a power source with the provided USB cable.

Warning Instructions. Choking Hazard - Keymitt Wi-Fi Hub contains small parts. Not for children under 3 years old.

Keymitt Wi-Fi Hub’s LED Meanings

Powered ON, scannable, and ready to be added.

(blue blinking)

Trying to connect to Wi-Fi


Connection to Keymitt Hub or device with Keymitt App

(solid blue)


(solid red)

Connected & Success Authorized

(solid green)

Waiting for reconnection with the smartphone or Hub.

(magenta blinking)


1. Download the Keymitt App

Keymitt Wi-Fi Hub is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. Download the Keymitt App for free on the App on Google Play Store.

Requirements. Before using Keymitt Wi-Fi Hub please make sure your device (phone or tablet) satisfies the following requirements:

an Android or iOS device authenticated to Keymitt Cloud. See Authorize your device.

Network specifications: 2.4 GHz WiFi (not 5 GHz), WiFi's SSID without uni-code and special characters (+, &, #, @, ; etc.), password with WPA2/AES.

2. Authorize your device

Before using Keymitt Wi-Fi Hub, you need to authorize your device to Keymitt Cloud.

Open the ‘Keymitt’ application, enter the email address to be associated with your Keymitt Cloud. You will receive your ‘Magic Link’ by email to authorize the requesting device.

Add Keymitt Wi-Fi Hub with your smartphone

Requirements. Before adding Keymitt Wi-Fi Hub via your smartphone:

Make sure your device’s Bluetooth is turned on in Settings > Bluetooth. Your smartphone or tablet must support Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE or Bluetooth 4.0 or later) to scan Keymitts.

Turn on Location and Notification

Make sure your Keymitt Wi-Fi Hub’s LED is blinking blue when pressing the touch-sensitive button on the top.

Adding your Keymitt Wi-Fi Hub

The Smartphone and the Hub should be near each other under BLE range and under the stable Wi-Fi network to connect the Wi-Fi Hub to the network.

  • Add Keymitt Device and then select ‘’Hub’’.

  • Click the one you need to connect and proceed.

  • Check your email.

  • Find the email and click ‘’Authorize’’ (Important! Open the link in a browser if the button doesn't work).

  • Find preferred Wi-Fi from the list.

  • Add the password of your Wi-Fi.

  • Click ‘’Done’’ to finish

Remove & Reset Keymitt Wi-Fi Hub

To remove Keymitt Wi-Fi Hub, you will need to remove it in the Keymitt app

There may be times that you accidentally added multiple hubs by installing the Keymitt app multiple times. It is best to remove any Hubs that are not in use.

  • From the left navigation menu, enter the ‘’My Hubs’ list.

  • Select the Wi-Fi Hub you want to remove and remove it from the list.

To reset the Keymitt Wi-Fi Hub you need to remove it from the app first (see the steps of removing the Hub above)

After removing the Wi-Fi Hub follow these steps to reset the Keymitt Wi-Fi Hub. There are 2 methods to reset Keymitt Hub:

Factory reset with touch button

  • (re)Plugin your Keymitt Wi-Fi Hub to the power supply.

  • When the LED starts blinking red, keep pressed the touch button until it blinks red rapidly. Then, wait until the LED blinks blue.

Note: During the reset process, your Hub's LED status will change successively: the LED will first blink red for about 10-15 minutes (reset), then will be blinking blue (booting), and then will flash red and blue (AP mode).

WARNING! DO NOT UNPLUG your Keymitt Wi-Fi Hub during the reset process as it may permanently damage the device. However, if the LED blinks red or blinks blue for more than 30 minutes, please unplug and plug in the Hub again as it may be stuck during the reset process.

Update Wi-Fi Hub Firmware

  • Check for available updates.

  1. On the left sidebar, click on ‘’My Hubs’’ and view your list of registered Hubs.

  2. Select the Wi-Fi Hub you need to update the firmware

  3. Click on ‘’Update Firmware’’

  4. Wait until 100%

CAUTION! Make sure you stay connected to your Wi-Fi Hub during the update and do not exit the app while the update is processing. Make sure The Hub is turned on.

The range between a smartphone and Keymitt Wi-Fi Hub

Keymitt Wi-Fi Hub connects to a smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth Low Energy (4.0 or BLE). The distance can vary from 30 to 230 feet or 10 to 70 meters, depending on the smartphone's antenna performance and the environment where the Keymitt Wi-Fi Hub is located. If there are a lot of walls or networks the range can be reduced. In an open space, the range can be as far as 230 feet.


My Keymitt App does not detect my Wi-Fi Hub

Sometimes you might come across a situation when you cannot detect your Keymitt Wi-Fi Hub when you try to add it to the Keymitt App.

1. Make sure your smartphone supports Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE or Bluetooth 4.0).

To check, you can download a dedicated app such as BLE Checker in the Play Store.

2. Your Wi-Fi Hub’s LED must blink blue in order for it to be scannable. If it doesn't blink blue, it means it is still linked to an account.

3. Confirm your Hubs aren't already on the list. Even if you reset your Keymitt Wi-Fi Hub, it may not be ready to be added with another device because it was not deleted from the Keymitt app. To delete it, please see Remove Keymitt Wi-Fi Hub.

4. Make sure the Keymitt app is up-to-date.

5. Make sure the 'Location' settings of your phone are turned on.

I'm not receiving the magic link while Adding Keymitt Wi-Fi Hub

If you haven't received the email with the magic link while adding the Wi-Fi Hub, it might have been moved to the spam folder. You will need to mark as not spam in order to avoid future mailing issues.

Keymitt Wi-Fi Hub Technical Specifications





Warranty description

Manufacturer’s one-year limited warranty


Wireless feature, Remote access, Automations

Product category

Smart Home, Internet of Things




Always On Power via power supply


Xtensa dual-core 32-bit LX6 240 Mhz

Status Indicator

RGB status LED

Smartphone compatibility

Latest Android/iOS


WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.2


Built-in capacitive sensor

Power input

Micro-USB, 5V, 1A

Unit count

1.0 pcs

Product dimensions

91.82 x 47.17 x 7.62 mm/ 3.61 x 1.86 x 0.3 in

Product weight

32 g / 1.128 oz

Package contents

  • Wi-Fi Hub

  • Micro - USB cable

  • Wi-Fi Hub manual

Safety warning

Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

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