EU/ euro cylinder door locks compatibility requirements

  • Examples of standard Euro cylinder with key hole on both sides:

Euro cylinder locks
  • Examples of standard Euro cylinders with thumb turn on the inside (you may need to use the universal adapter provided):

  • Check that your lock has a flat surface of at least 50% of the contact surface with the EU adapter mount. (A - 55mm; B - 54mm)

  • Use Keymitt Smart Lock only on Euro cylinders with emergency function, that is cylinders which can be locked and unlocked using a key from the outside while another key is inserted on the inside.

  • The maximum and minimum height that the key can stand out from the lock surface (A - min 10mm; B - max 48mm). The maximum and minimum key dimensions (C - 40mm; D - 7.5mm)

  • Minimum distance between the centre of the keyhole and nearest obstacle should be of a minimum of 35mm (door edge, handle base etc.)

North American and Japanese door locks compatibility requirements

  • Examples of deadbolts popular in Northern Europe, North America, and Far East.

  • The distance from the center of lock till the elevation mount should have maximum of 28mm (C) and in order for the thumb turn to fit into the US/JP adapter, the maximum radius of the thumb turn of the lock should be of 27mm (A).

  • The minimum distance from centre of the lock till door border or other obstacles is 35mm (A) and the height of the shaft of the lock minimum 30mm (B).

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