Getting Started

Keymitt Push is a wireless robotic pusher that allows you to control buttons and switches remotely.


Handling. ​Keymitt Push is not waterproof so using it outdoors is highly risky and not recommended.

Power.​ Keymitt Push can be powered on/off using the power button located at its bottom. When you use your Keymitt Push for the first time, turn it on and confirm that the LED blinks blue.

Battery. ​Keymitt Push includes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It can be charged using a Micro USB cable and 5V-1A power adapter.

Warning instructions.​ Choking Hazard - Keymitt Push contains small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

Keymitt Push’s LED Meanings

Blinking Blue: Powered on and ready to be added.

Switching between blue, orange, pink: Added. Complete the process by touching the capacitive button on top of the Push to confirm your physical access to it.

Blinking Green when touched: Added and working.

Solid Green: Firmware Updating.

Blinking Pink: Waiting for re-connection with the linked smartphone.

Red: Ready to reset. Touch and hold the tactile button on top until the red light starts blinking

Blinking Red: Reset complete. The device should now be blinking blue.

Install Keymitt Push

Adjust the height of your Push using extra plates.​ Remove the plate filler, and clip as many plates as you need.

Note: Make sure you install at least one extra plate to prevent blocking the charging port with the adhesive tape. When you need to charge it, simply slide out your Keymitt from the plate.

Paste the double-sided adhesive tape on the plate and place your Push on your appliance.

Tip! If you need to fix your Keymitt Push on a curved surface, you can use modulable glue.

Add Keymitt Push to your smartphone

Requirements. ​Before adding Keymitt Push via your smartphone,

  • Make sure your device’s Bluetooth is turned ON.

  • Your smartphone or tablet must support Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE or Bluetooth 4.0 or later) to scan Keymitt devices.

  • Turn on Location and Notification.

  • Make sure your Keymitt Push’s LED is blinking blue.

Note: Please enable the location service when the app asks for the permission. Bluetooth Low Energy is tied to the location service on some platforms.

Add your Keymitt Push.​ After the installation of the Keymitt App and creation of the profile, Tap 'Add a Keymitt Device', begin the scanning process and select your Keymitt Push in the list. Follow the in-app instructions to finish the process.

Add another Keymitt Push.​ Enter the in-app menu, tap and follow the steps as previously noted.

Remove & Reset Keymitt Push

When do you need to remove or reset Keymitt Push?

  • A Keymitt Push can only be added to one Keymitt Cloud. If you wish to use your Push on a device that is registered on another account, you need to remove/reset it before attempting to add it with the new smartphone/account.

  • As part of troubleshooting steps, it may be requested, at some point, to reset your Keymitt Push (see instructions below).

Remove Keymitt Push.​ Enter the list of your added devices and remove from the list the Keymitt Push you want to remove.

Then, confirm that your Keymitt Push's LED is blinking blue. If it does not blink in blue, please reset your Push.

Reset Keymitt Push.​

Occasionally, you may need to reset Keymitt Push.

To do so:

  1. Turn off then turn on Keymitt Push.

  2. When the LED starts blinking red, press the tactile button on top and hold for about 5 seconds until the LED starts blinking red rapidly. Then, wait until the LED blinks blue.

Note: After resetting, in the Keymitt app, please make sure that your Push does not appear anymore in the list of devices. If it does, please remove it following the ‘Remove’ method detailed above.


Control Push remotely with Keymitt Wi-Fi Hub

It is necessary to add a Hub in order to monitor Keymitt Push remotely (outside of the Bluetooth range). This Wi-Fi Hub acts as a bridge between your Keymitt Devices and Keymitt Cloud.

An additional iOS or Android smartphone or tablet (namely Soft Hub) or a Keymitt Wi-Fi Hub (purchased separately) can be used as a Hub.

1. Remote control using Keymitt Wi-Fi Hub

Keymitt Wi-Fi Hub is the companion hub of the Keymitt Devices that connects the

them to Keymitt Cloud. Keymitt Push can be controlled remotely anytime via 3G/4G/WiFi when it is connected to a Keymitt Wi-Fi Hub.


  • You need a Keymitt Wi-Fi Hub and a smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS) with the Keymitt app installed and the device authenticated.

  • Your Keymitt Wi-Fi Hub must always be connected to the Wi-Fi network and within the Bluetooth range of your Keymitt Device. If it is offline or if it is out of range, the connection with Keymitt Push will be lost and remote control will not be possible.


My Keymitt App does not detect my Keymitt Push

Sometimes you might come across a situation when you cannot detect your Keymitt Push via the App.

  1. Make sure your smartphone supports Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE or Bluetooth 4.0). To check, you can download a dedicated app such as BLE Checker in the Play Store.

  2. Your Keymitt Push must not be already added with another email account. Your Keymitt Push’s LED must blink blue in order for it to be scanned and added. If it doesn't blink blue, please remove and add it with your new device.

Note: If you use several devices registered on the same Keymitt Cloud, you do not need to add your Keymitt Push with each phone. Add it with only one device and your Keymitt will show up automatically on the other devices under the same account.

  1. Confirm your Keymitt devices aren't already in the list . Even if you reset your Keymitt Push, it may not be ready to be added with another device because it was not deleted from the Keymitt app. To delete it, please see “Remove Keymitt Push”.

  2. Make sure the Keymitt Push app is up-to-date.

  3. Make sure the 'Location' settings of your phone are turned on.

Keymitt Push keeps disconnecting

When Keymitt Push loses the connection with your device, you receive a notification on your smartphone or tablet showing it is disconnected. In the app, Keymitt Push's UI will show 'reconnect'.

There are several reasons explaining why your Keymitt Push keeps disconnecting:

  1. Interrupted Bluetooth connection. Keymitt Push connects to your device via Bluetooth. Therefore, your device must be within the Bluetooth range (10 to 18 m or 30-60 ft) in order to allow Keymitt Push to connect.

  2. Low Battery. Keymitt Push may be running out of a battery. Please recharge it and try again.

  3. Defective antenna (Keymitt Wi-Fi Hub users)

If Keymitt Push keeps disconnecting from the Hub while they are within the Bluetooth range, it is possible that the Hub's antenna is defective. In this case, please contact our Support team.

Keymitt Push is not updating

Several reasons can explain why Keymitt Push is not updating. While updating your Keymitt Push:

  1. Do not exit the Keymitt app. If you exit the app, you will need to start the updating process again.

  2. Make sure that you have a stable connection to your Push during the update.

  3. Your Keymitt Push must be connected to your phone, Soft Hub, or Keymitt Wi-Fi Hub (via Bluetooth).

  4. Your phone, Soft Hub, or Keymitt Wi-Fi Hub must be connected to the Internet. If the issue continues, please contact our Support team.

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