Keymitt Smart Lock is designed to be easily installed without any technical support or special knowledge. Enjoy installing your smart lock in the fastest and fun way and make your door lock smarter without replacing your nice door lock.

Before the installation

Make sure your door lock is mechanically functional. Your lock should rotate smoothly, without getting stuck when you use your key. Should this be the case we recommend fixing your lock before retrofitting it with any smart lock. Greasing your lock may make it turn smoother, also extending the smart lock’s battery life. Make sure your door is well fitted in its frame. If you need to pull/push your door while turning your key to ease the pressure on the bolt/latch then the door is likely misaligned. Badly aligned doors could shorten the battery life or even prevent Keymitt Smart Lock from operation.


Follow the next steps to install Keymitt Smart Lock on North American, Japanese door locks and deadbolts.

After the installation of Keymitt smart lock on the door lock, install our Android or iOS app, and follow the in-app installation instructions.

For more information and safety instruction view our Keymitt Smart Lock User Guide.

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