1. With what locks and deadbolts Keymitt Smart Lock is compatible with?

Keymitt Smart Lock is compatible with Euro locks, North American and Japanese door locks and deadbolts.

It works with a variety of lock types thanks to a set of versatile adapters.

2. Do I have to modify my door lock or replace my keys for Keymitt Smart Lock to work?

Keymitt Smart Lock is installed on top of your lock from the inside of your home and does not require any modifications to your door or to your lock.

3. Will I still be able to use my key from the outside when Keymitt Smart Lock is installed?

Yes, for any deadbolts and for most of the euro cylinder locks.

There is a fraction of the euro cylinder locks that do not allow insertion or operation of two keys from both sides at the same time, in this case we suggest to replace it with a double cylinder door lock.

4. What if my smartphone runs out of battery, how can I enter my home?

We advise you to keep a copy of physical keys in an accessible place (like your neighbors) for any sort of emergency. Or use another smartphone, install the app and enter with you credentials.

5. Keymitt Wi-Fi Hub is mandatory?

No. You can operate Keymitt Smart Lock and Keymitt Push with your smartphone in Bluetooth range. The Wi-Fi Hub is only needed if you wish to control Keymitt devices remotely even if you're away from home.

6. How is the Keymitt Smart Lock powered?

Keymitt Smart Lock is completely autonomous and runs on non-rechargeable CR123A lithium metal batteries. You will receive timely notification both via device and the App when the batteries will be running low.

7. How secure is Keymitt Smart Lock?

The Keymitt Smart Lock communication is end-to-end encrypted. Our security standards are comparable with those of the online banking sector and military. With Dual 128-bit AES Dynamic Key Encryption, it is digitally unbreakable.

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